Ben of the Day

18 May


Daily Luke

14 May


“Mommy, take a picture of me now!”

Ben of the Day

13 May

BenDentistBenjamin had his first dentist appointment last week.  It was rather unplanned – we were there for Lucas’ scheduled checkup.  But after listening to Benjamin chant “Benny’s turn, my turn” for the twenty-five minute appointment, I think the dentist realized that he needed a shot in the big chair.  Amazingly, the boy who hates to have his teeth brushed did terrific and was able to have a full cleaning and flouride treatment. He was very proud, and only a little bit conned by his brother at the end into picking out Lucas’ second choice toy from the prize bin.


12 May

Lucas loves to play outside — soccer, baseball, riding bikes, taking walks, mud wrestling… all of it.  Lately, he’s been interested in frisbee and has perfected the frisbee throw.  He can make that thing fly.  The frisbee catch, on the other hand, leaves a little to be desired.

My Boys

11 May

A little Mother’s Day photo shoot in the backyard.  As always, click to enlarge!

Daily Luke

6 May

LucasChalkDrawingA chalk self portrait… the resemblance is totally obvious.

Gardening Rap

4 May

Lucas breaks it down while prepping this year’s container garden.

GardeningRapBring on the tomatoes, lettuce, pepper, basil and strawberry crops this year… yo.

Daily Luke

1 May


Wherein Lucas conquers the giant inflatable mountain….


Ben of the Day

30 Apr

Or should I say “Sam I Am Of the Day” — one of Ben’s favorite parts of the party Saturday night was the kids’ grocery store with miniature carts and tons of play food. Not surprisingly, he headed straight for the produce and loaded up with veggies.


A Seussical Family

29 Apr


We embraced our Seussical sides last Saturday at the Storybook Ball, a benefit for the Please Touch Museum.  Transforming the family into the Cat in the Hat, Sam I Am and Thing 1 and Thing 2 required more energy than I usually put into Halloween, but the end result was super fun, and we had an awesome time at the Ball.

SeussBrothersThe boys were thrilled with their costumes — and I’m incredibly proud to report that Ben’s was entirely made by hand — including the hat that I hand stitched together at 10pm last week.  And even worse, that I hand stitched together for the second time after the first hat that I made could have fit a gerbil’s head.



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