Ben of the Day

10 Apr

BenCruisinFeetUpThis isn’t how you drive?

Daily Luke

9 Apr

EyeglassStrawA very serious approach to drinking — eyeglass straw.  He likes to feel the water going around his eyes, he reported.


8 Apr

Last round of Easter-related posting (for 2015 anyway), but here are some pictures from our holiday.  Egg hunt supplied by Gigi and PopPop!

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1000th Post

7 Apr

I started writing this blog more than four years ago — four years and 1000 posts. I was home on maternity leave – thoroughly overwhelmed, exhausted and brimming with need to share.  I had a new baby, hours upon hours of time and a deep desire to press record on how I was feeling and what we, our new family unit, were experiencing.

Four years, another baby, a second house and some major changes at work later, here we are.  Still blogging, albeit much less frequently (poor second child…), and so grateful for the journal that this blog has proven itself to be – a really fascinating way to look back at these early days of our family and our journey.  So take a walk back memory lane with me, in about six month increments…


One of the first pictures I added to the blog — three-week old Lucas James



About six months old … Lucas was trying out some hair styling gel (likely actually just food shoved into his hair)


A smidge older than one, Lucas hangs upside down with Daddy



About the same age that Benjamin is now — taking a walk in the park with Mommy.


Wearing his “big brother” shirt – even though his little brother was only about ten weeks gestation at the time.


The brothers meet in July of 2013




One of my favorites from last summer – playing on the patio after dinner in pajamas (ben) and a swim suit (lucas)



Easter 2015, post-Egg hunt

Thanks for sticking it out for the ride.  I’m glad you’ve been here with me.




First Trip to the Movies

2 Apr

Lucas took his inaugural trip to the movies last week to see the new Dreamworks film “Home.”

I snuck into his daycare room at naptime (he wasn’t napping, big surprise) and we dashed off to the theater, leaving Benjamin behind at school much to Lucas’ delight.

LucasMommyAdventureI had fully planned to avoid the concession stand and surprise Lucas with a bag of Pirate’s Booty (his favorite) and a bottle of water once we were in the theater.

Of course, I was foiled by Curious George’s Trip to the Movies which Lucas quickly recalled on the car ride there and announced that he would like to get popcorn just like George.


He ate every single bite, laughed a lot and seemed to appreciate the special adventure and surprise trip.  He was a bit worried about how Benjamin would feel about being left out, and suggested that he’d save and share his gummy snacks (which came with the popcorn) with his brother that evening.  He also suggested that we come up with a story about where we were so that Benjamin wouldn’t get jealous – he suggested we’d tell him that we just went to the Chilis restaurant and not to the movies.  A quick lesson on honesty later, we decided that the truth may be our best choice.


Dying Eggs

1 Apr

Egg dying is another Easter ritual in our house — and one that gives me a slight bit of agita. It’s a perfect storm of food dye, breakable eggs, cups of water that tend to floweth over and the overwhelming stink of white vinegar.  Each year I buy the egg dying kit, sighing a bit when it hits the bottom of my grocery cart, and put on my crafty mom face to get the job done.  But an amazing thing happened this year…

IMG_6644Gigi to the rescue.  We arrived at her house for dinner and found an elaborate egg dying station already set up – cups portioned out with the foul smelling vinegar, spoons set along side, newspaper strewn across the table to protect from splashing and eggs already hard boiled to perfection.

IMG_6646Lucas was thrilled (especially at the orange color).


IMG_6648And Benjamin joined the gang for the sticker application process post-dying and drying.



I think this may become the new tradition… okay Gigi?

Easter Rituals

31 Mar

We have lots of Easter rituals — most notably, taking part in lots and lots of Easter egg hunts.  Ironically, EggHuntAtLibrarythe kids almost never eat any of the spoils from their Easter eggs (and in our defense, neither do we), but they love the act of egg hunting and the thrill of running with a large mob of eager toddlers into a small pen filled with eggs.

Has anyone else noticed that nearly all egg hunts lack any aspect of hunting these days?  We’ve been to a lot of different hunts, and nearly all feature a small quadrant of grass sectioned off with rope and eggs scattered happenstance throughout the grass.  Not a single egg is hidden — it becomes a game of who can run in fast enough and collect the most.  Each egg hunt we attend always requires a lengthy discussion about not running, pushing, taking eggs from other kids, and most importantly, being content after getting a few eggs for yourself and leaving others for the little kids.



Five Things I Love about Benjamin – Version 1 and 3/4

26 Mar

1) He is one tough cookie.  And simultaneously, a weepy little momma’s boy.  Truly, it’s the perfect SmileyBenjamindichotomy and one that it both fabulous and awful.  His tagline could read: takes no shit.  Because he doesn’t. Push him over? Take a toy? You’d better steel yourself.  He will push, shove, pull hair, bite and throw things. But offend his tender sensibilities by leaving the room when he wants your attention?  Or, put him down when he’d like to be held?  You don’t need to steady yourself then – you just need earplugs because the screaming will be epic — once he’s done holding his breath and passing out, that is.

2) He gives rockin’ hugs.  He reaches up and squeezes his little arms around your neck.  It’s incredibly deliberate and often unexpected.  It’s sometimes accompanied by the resting of his head on your shoulder, soft hair brushing your cheek on the way there.  Honestly, it’s a little moment of heaven, peaceful and serene amidst the daily chaos.

3) He’s picked up the habit of combining what he wants with the word ‘me’ – as in “sit me” which means “please sit with me” or “up me” which means pick me up.

4) He wakes up early… that isn’t the part I love, of course… and wants to come in our room and lay with me.  When you go in there to get him, he immediately orders “a show” and then “Elmo!”  He can only be deterred by the all-encompassing ceiling fan (which, for the record, is not even on).  He likes to lay on his back and move his hand in a circle saying “round and round.” The cuteness makes up for the earliness.

5) His run is quite possibly the most adorable movement ever expended by any human.  It’s persistent and fast moving – it’s often combined with hysterical laughter and regularly ends in some kind of feet-over-head tumble.  I could watch it for hours.


Daily Luke

25 Mar



Ben of the Day

24 Mar



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