Bravery is their Middle Name

6 Jul

When she invited us to spend the afternoon at her neighbor’s pool, I’m quite sure my mom didn’t envision spending the majority of that time treading water in the deep end while two very brave boys enjoyed the diving board.  (and one other brave boy cried from the shallow end “Benny’s turn!” even though his mean mommy wouldn’t let him try it out)

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Boy Crazy

29 Jun

I’m more than a little bit boy crazy for these three.


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

25 Jun

Lucas had the most perfect first trip to the ball game last weekend…. aside from the game at least, that part was awful.


Ben was a bit under the weather so Uncle Brad and Mason tagged along for the experience, while our little guy and Gigi stayed home.


Lucas informed us that he’d be having a dozen treats while we were there, and had high expectations for interacting with the Philly Phanatic. I’m pleased to report that at least part of those goals came true.


The seats were… insane.

We were pretty much on the field.  Tim was our ball vigilante since there was a good chance of foul balls beaming towards our heads.

MommyLucasFirstPhilliesWe saw all the players coming and in out of the dugout and were able to trade waves.  We even saw a squirrel heading into the dugout, by way of Chase Utley’s head.


Best of all, guess who got game balls.



GameBallsAnd the phanatic… you could say he was close:



Ben of the Day

24 Jun


Ben wore his “Dr Love” shirt to the pediatrician’s office last week.  He was a charmer until they closed the door on the exam room, at which time he began loudly shouting “me go out there. all done. bye bye” over and over again.

Daily Luke

24 Jun


This guy loves to mug for my camera.  He dances around when I pull it out and makes some pretty awesome faces.



23 Jun

We were fortunate enough to sneak away in honor of our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary.  A trip that would not have been possible without my amazing parents volunteering to watch the boys — even while serving on jury duty for the whole week we were away.

SecretsPlayaMujeresViewWe had a gorgeous, upgraded room at a beautiful resort.  The views were stunning – the balcony perfect for early evening relaxing.



And while it was an amazingly relaxing, terrific getaway, it was also very rainy!  We marked our first tropical storm together in paradise and couldn’t believe the winds, crazy rain and New Jersey-coast-esque waves.


Despite the clouds, rain, and wind, we still managed to get more sunburned than ever before.  We were a little careless with the sunscreen and my peeling skin (horrifying to the kids, by the way) is testament to the fact that the sun must have been there, even though it was hiding behind the clouds.

Don’t believe me about the rain??  Here’s what the roads looked like on our car ride (needed a boat) to the airport!


Last Day of School

22 Jun

Last Friday marked the final day of “school” this year, before the boys’ daycare transitions into camp mode.

IMG_9792Lucas ended the year in the Pre-K class – after transitioning mid-year from Pre-School.  Benny marked the end of his year in Young Toddlers, and will move up to the Older Toddler room during camp.  But, really, Ben ended the school year at home since he was out with a fever!

LastDaySchoolBrothersWithout trying, we dressed Lucas in the same outfit on the last day of school that we did on the first.  Here’s a side-by-side:

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.00.44 PM

It’s always astonishing to see how much he’s grown in nine months.  It’s even more shocking to see the differences in Ben – who looks like we dyed his hair!

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.02.56 PM


Happy Father’s Day

21 Jun


Four and a Half

9 Jun

Dear Lucas-

You still love to sit in my lap – crawling up into it and folding your gangly, little boy legs up, you burrow in and sigh, “I just want to snuggle with you.”  Sometimes it’s because you are in trouble, and you know that Mommy is easily wooed with cuddles, but sometimes it’s because you are four and a half and still need your Mama.  I think I presumed that these moments would be fleeting by now, and I’ve never been so thankful to be wrong.  LucasAndMonkey

At four and a half, you stand firmly with feet in both camps.  There’s the foot solidly in the big kid camp.  That boy loves to run, thrives outside. He wants to kick a soccer ball, throw a frisbee or take his turn at bat.  He can ride his bike, with training wheels, around the neighborhood, and excels at playing hide and seek.  He also knows all his letters and numbers, can write his name and ours, and will sit quietly to listen to very long books.  He’s a smarty pants who can tell you all about butterfly chrysalis, gargoyles perched on castle walls and dinosaur extinction.

But there’s the other foot – that one maybe not quite as solidly in the toddler camp.  It hovers close to the line, but still dances into that baby zone with fair regularity.  It’s that guy who wants to cuddle and snuggle. He gets scared of thunder and lightening, is nervous to be in front of crowds of strangers and, many times, would rather hang out with his parents and grandparents than anyone else.  He still prefers to be carried up to bed, and needs to stand on  a stool to brush his teeth and see in the mirror.  This guy still cries when he doesn’t get his way, and can throw quite the tantrum out of sheer frustration.

Lucas, this tale of two boys is your story at four and a half, and we are so thankful to be a part of its pages.  The story stars this amazing four year old who loves his family, enjoys going to school and prefers to spend his weekend going on adventures.  The supporting cast includes the rambunctious little brother, nearly two years old himself, who is at times the trusted sidekick, but often also the villainous foe responsible for much of the plight suffered by our lead character.

That little brother, he’s simultaneously your favorite person on earth and the one who makes you the most crazy.  But more and more, you guys are a dynamic duo.  “Let’s go, Benny, run!” you shout as you dash from room to room. Your gait full of big, wide steps and lots of speed – his much shorter and more frantic as he follows you through the house and yard. It’s a joy to watch you invest in Benjamin and treasure the times that you teach him well. You recently told us, “when I grow up, I’m going to be a boy teacher.” and I’m confident you’d be an excellent one.

At four and a half, you still aren’t much for food.  Most dinners are met with sighs and lots of dramatic “I don’t LIKE this!” You’d be happy if every meal consisted of tortillini and red sauce, fruit and bread.  Alas, you are disappointed at six out of seven dinners each week. Thankfully, you are a champion helper, and we’ve recently started a chore chart.  You love helping us each day with your chores and earning stars in return.  You feed the dog, clean up your mess, clear the table, dust, swiffer and more!  May you always be as helpful as you are at this age!

My biggest boy.  That’s what I call you these days.  And today, I celebrate you, big boy, in all of your four and a half year old glory. We are so blessed that you are ours.

I love you to the moon and back,
Your Mama

Strawberry Picking

8 Jun

Saturday morning, we headed out to the strawberry patch for our annual tradition of picking our own berries.  Surprisingly, Benjamin didn’t show Lucas’ inclination for eating twice as many has he bucketed so the entire affair was much cleaner than in years’ past.

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