Cheese Face

3 Mar

There comes a time in every child’s life when their adorable smile devolves into the caricature-like grimace that accompanies the word “cheese.”  We have reached this stage with our little one.

His sweet, charming, Benny-like smile:


quickly transitions to the cheesey, squinty face…

CheeseFaceBenYou can pretty much hear the word “cheese” just by looking at this picture.

Or this one:

CheeseFaceBen1Or so many others these days, because “cheese” is our new normal.

Ben of the Day

26 Feb

BenConductorHatThis boy used to be all about hats, and now he is all about NOT wearing them.  This one lasted about three seconds on his head – just enough time to use that gorgeous light coming in our living room windows and snap this picture on my cell phone.  And yes, that’s a ball pit that currently resides in our living room.  If you look closely, you will also see a train table, play kitchen (there’s actually two) and giant bin of toys.  It’s clearly their house – we just live in it.

Bat Brothers

23 Feb

BatBrothersWatch out world, here come the bat brothers!

Ben of the Day

21 Feb

WhoMeBenThis is the classic “who me?” face?  In this specific case, he had shoved two toys under the couch cushion and was pretending to not know where they had disappeared to.

Daily Luke

20 Feb


Here’s Lucas modeling our breakfast creation from two weekends ago — homemade funfetti donuts.

Dynamic Duo

19 Feb

RockingHorseBrothersSometimes you just need to take your clothes off and climb onto a rocking cow…. or jump aboard a wooden motorcycle while wearing your pajamas.  But, it’s always best to do these things together.

These munchkins are starting to do more and more together.  One following the other around – and it isn’t always the same one.  There are days when Benjamin trails several steps behind -mimicking each action, playing with each toy his older brother touches, asking for the same things in his bitty baby language.  But there are just as many times when it is Lucas following Ben around – swooping in to snag a toy from the pile Ben is playing with, or dashing after him as he runs from room to room.

They have quickly become the dynamic duo, a pair riddled with laughter, tears, drama, hugs, and so much love and adoration.


Snow Babies

11 Feb

We haven’t had tons of snow this year, but enough that the boys have been out to play in it a few times.

The first go round, I couldn’t find a snow suit in Ben’s size so I crammed him in a 6-9 month outfit and shooed him outside.  Needless to say, fail.  It didn’t even last long enough for me to commemorate the occasion with a photo.

The next go round, I had preplanned and pulled out the snowsuit Lucas wore the winter he turned two.  It’s size 18-24 months (Ben is 18-months).  I think it’s safe to say he wasn’t cold…


He also wasn’t rather happy.

BenSnowAlas, his brother had a jolly time.  And once I was tired of carrying around the Stay Puft marshmallow man, he and I escaped back to the warmth.


Ben of the Day

10 Feb

BennyBigEyesPlotting his next move…

Daily Luke

9 Feb


His shirt says ‘mischief maker,’ and it’s the truth.

Love Letters

2 Feb

It’s that time of year again — love is in the air.

We pulled the boys’ mailboxes back out this weekend, and they’ve started getting their daily dose of mail each morning.  It’s little letters, tiny tokens and other trinkets — all very exciting to our biggest boy. The little one is mostly interested in trying to remove all the stickers and adornments on his mailbox.



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