26 Aug

“Momma, open the windows. I’m freezing hot.”LucasPJs

_ _ _ _ _ _

“Benny, if you don’t learn to poop in the potty, I’m going to put you in jail with a bear. You don’t want that, do you?”


Daily Luke

25 Aug


Ben of the Day

20 Aug



Someone was a big fan of his swedish fish Rita’s Italian Ice during this week’s heatwave.  So much so, that he wouldn’t look at my camera or put down his spoon to commemorate the evening treat.IMG_7678



18 Aug

Lucas at the dinner table last week.

“Mommy, these onion rings are so yummy.  The chicken inside them is really chewy though.”

…. he was eating calamari.


And last night…

“Mommy I love these rolls!!! The salt on top of them is the best.”

… the salt was garlic.  He was eating garlic knots.


Summer wouldn’t be summer…

17 Aug

… without the Grange Fair.  Having experienced nearly all aspects of the Grange – from entering the judged competitions as a child to hanging out with my friends on the rides as a teenager; from getting my wedding license at the county booth to giving my kiddos their first tastes of funnel cake – we can’t imagine an August without the fair.

IMG_7640Ben LOVED the animals this year.  He needed to look into each stall and watch each animal.  I think he would have stayed there for hours, if we’d let him.

Lucas, on the other hand, was all about the rides.  At least until he saw the tractors… then he was all about climbing on them.


We also caught the Dancing Diggers show.

IMG_7649And let the kids do a few rides each.


But, Benny was more interested in the free balloons advertising local politicians.



14 Aug


And a look at the difference a year makes…


Feeding Giraffes

13 Aug

This was one activity that was a first for parents and children alike.


Ben was a little unsure.  He was all talk and bravado before we went up on the platform.  He was eager and ready to “feed the raffes” but then lunged back into Tim’s arms once they popped over the railing.

Lucas, on the other hand, loved every minute.

FeedingGiraffes2Of course, the fact that giraffes eat lettuce was no motivating factor for his own diet.


Ben of the Day

6 Aug



Daily Luke

5 Aug


Lucas’ first face painting experience – on a hot night in July, quickly resulted into tiger stripes all over his forearms.

Daily Luke

30 Jul

SillyLUcasI remember that time Spiderman, wearing Buzz Lightyear’s wings and dinosaur feet stopped by our basement.  Just another normal Sunday morning at our house.


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