Rocket Poo Baby Grins?

Why Rocket Poo Baby Grins? My little monkey is nearly a month old and, as I reflect on the past month, I’m struck by the frequency I’m changing what we call “rocket poo” diapers.  Rocket poo, you ask?  Dubbed by my husband who said, “our child has a rocket powered anus,” rocket poo occurs somewhere between 1-5 times each day when we are changing the baby’s diaper.  Mere moments after we open up his diaper, out spurts his trademark rocket poo, traveling at seemingly 50 mph. Rocket poo has been known to spray the entire changing table, soak through clothes (his and mine) and require 2 or 3 diapers per changing session! The best part of rocket poo is the accompanying baby grins, which make the multiple diapers, need for daily laundry and nose scrunching smells totally worth it.

Who are Rocket Poo Baby Grins? This blog details the daily life, musings, thoughts and amusements of a newly minted mom, her sweet baby boy, crazy puppy dog and perhaps an occasional appearance by her husband.

What will you find here? Ahh, probably so much more than you wanted… Stick around if you are interested in too much information on life at home (for a consummate workaholic) with a newborn, breastfeeding (I warned you about the TMI), cooking, baking and other bizarre thoughts.


One Response to “Rocket Poo Baby Grins?”

  1. Nan January 12, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    Jess-I am in awe at your writing and more firmly convinced than ever that you should write a book. I have enjoyed reading every bit of your blog and hope you will keep me on your follow-up list. Love you.

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