A Disney Scavenger Hunt

3 Nov

We are heading back to Disney in a few weeks, and finally shared the big news with the kids via a scavenger hunt through our house.  I made up (or borrowed) a bunch of little rhymes, and at each stop they found a new shirt that they can wear on our trip.

We kicked it off by ringing the doorbell, and letting them run to the door.  I told them that I saw a sprinkling of pixie dust fly by as I was walking to the door.  When they opened it, the first clue was taped to the door.


It went like this:
CLUE ONE: Here’s the first of many clues.
It’s a scavenger hunt and you can’t lose.
Start by looking where you snooze.
ANSWER: Ben’s crib
CLUE TWO: Lovey here, lovey there.
Lovey’s hiding the next clue by your underwear.

CLUE THREE: There’s something special at the end.
Keep your eyes peeled around every bend.
Head out the door and down the hall.
Your next clue is where we could make a call.
ANSWER: Dad’s bedside table
CLUE FOUR: Now go downstairs, the both of you.
Your next clue is heading in a shoe.

CLUE FOUR: The next sneaky clue might make you think.
It’s sitting in the bathroom sink!

CLUE FIVE: You are getting near. The ends not far.
Go outside and look in the car.
ANSWER: Inside the trunk of Mommy’s car
CLUE SIX: A suitcase means a trip is soon!
So look inside where you’d find a spoon.
ANSWER: The silverware drawer
CLUE SEVEN: Quick, back upstairs.
It’s almost time. I do declare.
One more clue, it’ll be there for you.
Check where we keep the shampoo.
ANSWER: The shower in Mom and Dad’s bathroom

CLUE EIGHT: Goofy says Garwsh. Pluto says woof.
Mickey says hot dog! We will say poof.
In two weeks time, we will head out.
Open this box and find out what it’s all about.
The kids were elated, and even better, appreciative.  Lucas immediately said, “Did you do all this mommy?  Thank you so much.”



One Response to “A Disney Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Nan & Pops November 3, 2015 at 9:54 pm #

    Jess-you are so clever and fun too. I did the scavenger hunt along with the boys. It was fun!! Good job!!!

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