Daddy’s Birthday

7 Oct

IMG_814237 looks awfully good on the big guy, and we were happy to celebrate him tonight.

The boys agonized over his birthday presents at our annual jaunt to the dollar store.  They both had two dollars to spend and many things were picked up and discarded in the long process of narrowing in on exactly the right gift.

Lucas ended up with a pack of four blue glow necklaces.  This was an easy pick for him – he grabbed it straight away and never wavered.  After all, blue is Daddy’s favorite color.  Lucas is four.  There are four people in our immediate family.  It was perfection.  His second present took a bit more time.  He flirted with the idea of a pumpkin statue, carried a plastic ball and bat around for quite some time, debated over bags of candy, but ended up with a batman keychain.

Ben also nabbed his first present quickly – an oversized pen with Mickey and friends on it.  I’m fairly sure he thought it was some kind of weapon – either a gun or a sword – as he kept pointing it at fellow shoppers and making “bang bang” sounds.  None the less, his second present also proved illusive.  For quite some time, it seemed he had settled on a tiny haunted mansion decoration, then it was a Jake and the Neverland Pirates tamborine, and finally a plush doll (much to Lucas’ horror)… but he finally decided on a holiday snow globe with an owl inside.

My favorite part of their presents, however, was the cards.  They both worked for almost forty five minutes to create their masterpieces.  And I’m not sure anything says “you are aging well, Daddy” quite like this portrait.

IMG_8153Happy birthday, my dearest.  We adore you.



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