Arts & Crafts

23 Sep


Arts and crafts are not on my radar.  I never randomly suggest “hey, let’s color” or “how about some play dough action?” I have no idea if we are out of construction paper or if the markers have dried up, because arts and crafts don’t enter my thoughts.

This is probably because Lucas has no interest.  The few times I’ve half heartedly offered up a coloring book, or asked if he’d be interested in applying some stickers, I’m shot down.  He’s my wild imagination boy – all about taking toys, trinkets or even his fingers, and transforming them into some wild tableau of creativity – full of incredible plot development and nuanced characters.

But Ben is putting crafts back on the radar.  He’s not interested in Lucas-style play.  I plop him down in front of toys and he whines and cries for me to hold him.  I offer up a bin of cars or farm animals and he loses interest in less than a minute.  However, recently, he’s been asking to color.  And boy can he color… for twenty, thirty, forty minutes!!!  He will sit and plop stickers onto paper.  He opens and closes the markers, attempts to color within the lines – doesn’t just feverishly scribble on the page and run away (ahem, Lucas.).

Even better, he will do all of this while I make dinner, do dishes, or try and get something done.  He doesn’t whine and scream “up me, mommy!” or “I need mommmmmmmyyyyy” over and over again.  He’s delighted with the arts and crafts, and I’m hell bent on remembering to offer them up as a choice for him.



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