Two Years Old

29 Jul

Dear Benjamin-

I think it was yesterday that I was heading out to dinner with Lucas and Daddy.  We had a yummy meal and went to the playground.  I was moving slow, nearly 39 weeks pregnant in the middle of July.  Lucas wanted to feel the baby, hug my belly.  We took a family picture – the last one with you inside.  It feels like yesterday, only at this point it was about 730 yesterdays ago, because here we are, you are two years old.BennyOnBlanket

I can still feel the barely-there weight of you laying on my chest, head tucked under my chin.  It was your favorite spot then, and still ranks pretty high on your list of favorites. But now it’s proceeded by a very loud command of “Mama, up me!” And that feather-light weight from two years ago is no longer, you are all gangly limbs and sweaty little boy pudge. And in the spirit of things getting better with age, you are an awesome two year old hugger.  You wrap your arms around my neck with the sweetest squeeze and shout “cheek!” hoping that I’ll press my face against yours.

Lucas told us yesterday that the best people in the world were 1) God, 2) one of his friends from school and then 3) Daddy.  Mommy didn’t make the list.  Even though you don’t quite grasp the question, I’m confident I know your answer here and I’d be pushing first.  Benny baby, you are 100 percent mommy’s boy. Almost over the top, you will choose mommy to the exclusion of nearly everyone else in your life, and while I’m honored and love the adoration, I do hope you’ll join the Daddy fan club this year.  He’s pretty awesome and you are awfully hard on him.BensBirthdayFamily

Speaking of preferences and opinions, you’ve never met an opinion you didn’t like, or dislike – regardless, you feel strongly about it because you feel strongly about everything.  There was never a more passionate, determined, feeler of all the feels.  You love it. You hate it. You want it. You’d rather die than let it get close to you.  We rarely know what the opinion will be in advance as it often blows like the wind, but you quickly make sure that everyone knows exactly how you are feeling. You aren’t shy. Or quiet.

There are a couple Ben-isms that are creeping into our every day vernacular.  Every single ball – from baseballs to footballs, beach balls to golf balls, is a “sock-ah ball.” Every body of water – from the dingy retention basin on the side of the road to the Atlantic Ocean, is a “tubber.” Counting to ten often goes “1, 2, 3, 2, 1, go;” as all counting is really just an excuse to blast off from somewhere. And sweet Lucas is almost always referred to as “Goo-cas” these days – even by himself.

At two years old, you are our outdoor lover who begs to stay outside from the moment I press the garage door button on our way home from school.  You’d eat every meal and spend every minute out there. You are our good eater, mostly vegetarian by choice, but infatuated with fruit, many veggies and pastas.  TV holds no allure, and books are meant to by flipped through quickly on your way to the next activity.  You’d cut off your arm for ten more minutes with your pacifier (which you call “mickey”) and are the easiest baby in the world to put down for nap or night.SmileyBen

Life is good, sweet boy, and you are such a big part of the reason why.  730 yesterdays ago, our world was a whole lot duller. You are the technicolor for our movie, the butter for our popcorn, the icing on our cake.  Everything is brighter, louder, faster and more fun with you around.  You are one loved little two year old.

I love you everyday.
Your Mama

Stats at 2-years old:
36.25 inches (95th percentile)
28 lbs (60th percentile)


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  1. GiGi July 30, 2015 at 5:32 am #

    Love our Benny!!!!

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