23 Jun

We were fortunate enough to sneak away in honor of our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary.  A trip that would not have been possible without my amazing parents volunteering to watch the boys — even while serving on jury duty for the whole week we were away.

SecretsPlayaMujeresViewWe had a gorgeous, upgraded room at a beautiful resort.  The views were stunning – the balcony perfect for early evening relaxing.



And while it was an amazingly relaxing, terrific getaway, it was also very rainy!  We marked our first tropical storm together in paradise and couldn’t believe the winds, crazy rain and New Jersey-coast-esque waves.


Despite the clouds, rain, and wind, we still managed to get more sunburned than ever before.  We were a little careless with the sunscreen and my peeling skin (horrifying to the kids, by the way) is testament to the fact that the sun must have been there, even though it was hiding behind the clouds.

Don’t believe me about the rain??  Here’s what the roads looked like on our car ride (needed a boat) to the airport!



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