Batting Practice

28 May

Ben lives to play outside. “Ah-side” is the constant and nudging refrain – from the moment his feet hit the carpet in the family room in the morning to the time I carry him up the steps for a bath in the evening.  He’s all about “ah-side” all of the time.

At home, playing outside always equates to moving the hundreds of toys from inside the garage out onto the driveway.  Toys are played with for thirty seconds and then discarded for the next treasure dragged out of the garage.  They are briefly reinvigorated when a sibling or neighbor shows interest in them – and in that moment they are Ben’s favorite toy ever and he can barely breathe while the interloper touches his precious – but then  dropped like a hot potato as his interest jumps to the next item.

But toys at Gigi and Pop Pop’s house have some staying power.  They are new, fresh — not recycled from yesterday’s re-run of “what’s in the garage must come out to the driveway” episode.  And, Ben particularly adores playing with those toys alongside his grandparents.

This past weekend, we had a session of batting practice, and he was utterly delighted. Pop Pop provided the necessary support, and the look of sheer amazement on his face was priceless.  Scroll through to take in the delight as his mouth gets wider and wider with joy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Interestingly enough, when I went to check on him before I went to bed last night, I entered his room as he was rolling over.  Clearly still asleep, I recovered him with his blanket and heard him mumble, “Pop Pop’s turn” – obviously dreaming about batting practice “ah-side” with his buddy.


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