1000th Post

7 Apr

I started writing this blog more than four years ago — four years and 1000 posts. I was home on maternity leave – thoroughly overwhelmed, exhausted and brimming with need to share.  I had a new baby, hours upon hours of time and a deep desire to press record on how I was feeling and what we, our new family unit, were experiencing.

Four years, another baby, a second house and some major changes at work later, here we are.  Still blogging, albeit much less frequently (poor second child…), and so grateful for the journal that this blog has proven itself to be – a really fascinating way to look back at these early days of our family and our journey.  So take a walk back memory lane with me, in about six month increments…


One of the first pictures I added to the blog — three-week old Lucas James



About six months old … Lucas was trying out some hair styling gel (likely actually just food shoved into his hair)


A smidge older than one, Lucas hangs upside down with Daddy



About the same age that Benjamin is now — taking a walk in the park with Mommy.


Wearing his “big brother” shirt – even though his little brother was only about ten weeks gestation at the time.


The brothers meet in July of 2013




One of my favorites from last summer – playing on the patio after dinner in pajamas (ben) and a swim suit (lucas)



Easter 2015, post-Egg hunt

Thanks for sticking it out for the ride.  I’m glad you’ve been here with me.





2 Responses to “1000th Post”

  1. GiGi April 8, 2015 at 5:45 pm #

    More, more, encore please!!! I have loved every post!!!!

  2. Meghan April 8, 2015 at 7:22 pm #

    Congrats, Jess! What an accomplishment!

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