First Trip to the Movies

2 Apr

Lucas took his inaugural trip to the movies last week to see the new Dreamworks film “Home.”

I snuck into his daycare room at naptime (he wasn’t napping, big surprise) and we dashed off to the theater, leaving Benjamin behind at school much to Lucas’ delight.

LucasMommyAdventureI had fully planned to avoid the concession stand and surprise Lucas with a bag of Pirate’s Booty (his favorite) and a bottle of water once we were in the theater.

Of course, I was foiled by Curious George’s Trip to the Movies which Lucas quickly recalled on the car ride there and announced that he would like to get popcorn just like George.


He ate every single bite, laughed a lot and seemed to appreciate the special adventure and surprise trip.  He was a bit worried about how Benjamin would feel about being left out, and suggested that he’d save and share his gummy snacks (which came with the popcorn) with his brother that evening.  He also suggested that we come up with a story about where we were so that Benjamin wouldn’t get jealous – he suggested we’d tell him that we just went to the Chilis restaurant and not to the movies.  A quick lesson on honesty later, we decided that the truth may be our best choice.



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