Easter Rituals

31 Mar

We have lots of Easter rituals — most notably, taking part in lots and lots of Easter egg hunts.  Ironically, EggHuntAtLibrarythe kids almost never eat any of the spoils from their Easter eggs (and in our defense, neither do we), but they love the act of egg hunting and the thrill of running with a large mob of eager toddlers into a small pen filled with eggs.

Has anyone else noticed that nearly all egg hunts lack any aspect of hunting these days?  We’ve been to a lot of different hunts, and nearly all feature a small quadrant of grass sectioned off with rope and eggs scattered happenstance throughout the grass.  Not a single egg is hidden — it becomes a game of who can run in fast enough and collect the most.  Each egg hunt we attend always requires a lengthy discussion about not running, pushing, taking eggs from other kids, and most importantly, being content after getting a few eggs for yourself and leaving others for the little kids.




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