Five Things I Love about Benjamin – Version 1 and 3/4

26 Mar

1) He is one tough cookie.  And simultaneously, a weepy little momma’s boy.  Truly, it’s the perfect SmileyBenjamindichotomy and one that it both fabulous and awful.  His tagline could read: takes no shit.  Because he doesn’t. Push him over? Take a toy? You’d better steel yourself.  He will push, shove, pull hair, bite and throw things. But offend his tender sensibilities by leaving the room when he wants your attention?  Or, put him down when he’d like to be held?  You don’t need to steady yourself then – you just need earplugs because the screaming will be epic — once he’s done holding his breath and passing out, that is.

2) He gives rockin’ hugs.  He reaches up and squeezes his little arms around your neck.  It’s incredibly deliberate and often unexpected.  It’s sometimes accompanied by the resting of his head on your shoulder, soft hair brushing your cheek on the way there.  Honestly, it’s a little moment of heaven, peaceful and serene amidst the daily chaos.

3) He’s picked up the habit of combining what he wants with the word ‘me’ – as in “sit me” which means “please sit with me” or “up me” which means pick me up.

4) He wakes up early… that isn’t the part I love, of course… and wants to come in our room and lay with me.  When you go in there to get him, he immediately orders “a show” and then “Elmo!”  He can only be deterred by the all-encompassing ceiling fan (which, for the record, is not even on).  He likes to lay on his back and move his hand in a circle saying “round and round.” The cuteness makes up for the earliness.

5) His run is quite possibly the most adorable movement ever expended by any human.  It’s persistent and fast moving – it’s often combined with hysterical laughter and regularly ends in some kind of feet-over-head tumble.  I could watch it for hours.


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