Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Some holiday hijinks…

IMG_5810We met Santa at the mall this year.  It was our first Santa experience outside of a brunch setting, where there is usually more time for warming up to the big guy.  You can see that Lucas had no hesitation in approaching or discussing his holidays wishes.

IMG_5811Ben was more skeptical.  He took in the beard and the red suit.

IMG_5812He mean mugged at the camera and promptly jumped down and ran away.  Lucas remained to discuss his ever-changing Christmas list.  He then memorized everything Santa said in response and repeats it back daily … “Mommy, Santa said he’d see what he could do when I told him what I wanted.  What does that mean?”

Several days after the Santa session, he swung by our neighborhood on a fire truck.

IMG_5841There was great anticipation and unbridled excitement — particularly when Santa’s helpers hopped off the truck and delivered candy canes to the kids.


Ben napped through the entire visit.  Maybe next year…

Merry Christmas to you and yours today!!  I hope it is fabulous.


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