10 Dec

(birthday letter coming soon!!  I’m still in denial that my baby is four.  In the meantime…)

Last night, Tim and Lucas were cleaning up toys – mostly the new items from his birthday – and out of no where, he says…BirthdayPartyBoy

“Daddy, I’m not going to call you stupid. Okay?  I’m just going to call you Daddy.”

_ _ _ _ _

Right before his birthday party, we were talking about the menu of things being served.  I told Lucas that we would have soft pretzels and cake as the party was mid-afternoon.

He says…

“Are you saying we don’t have to eat any vegetables before we have cake and pretzels?  Yipeeee!”

_ _ _ _ _

We were looking at pictures of Paw Patrol birthday cakes on Pinterest the week before his birthday.  He loved seeing all the different variations – most of which were incredibly well done, others not so much.  There was one cake in particular that was a bit of a hot mess.  The pups and their leader (Ryder) were molded out of fondant icing and the resemblance wasn’t ideal.  Lucas pipes up with…

“Mommy, look at that cake.  What’s wrong with Ryder?  Why is he screaming? Did someone hurt him.”

Thankfully we didn’t have any injured Ryders on his birthday cake.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Overheard from Benjamin, on the other hand:






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