Happy Halloween

3 Nov

(lots of Disney stuff coming, once I catch my breath, but in the meantime….)


We came back in time for Halloween where Buzz Lightyear, Woody and a pirate were spotted in our neighborhood.


The festivities started at the kids’ Halloween parade at school.  I tend to be a “no thanks” participant with regards to most school activities — I can pass on the “Muffins with Mom” celebration for Mother’s Day, and after four years, we still haven’t made it to Back to School Night.  But, the Halloween parade is a must do event.

Here’s why…

BuzzLightyearParadeLucas is never more proud than marching around the school parking lot.

HalloweenParadeHe “flew” at the front of his class this year.  With giant cheesy smile after giant cheesy smile….

His brother came next.

HalloweenParade1He was the only member of his class to walk the parade — not surprising after the walking in Disney World.  Queen Elsa (aka some random kindergartener) led him around the parking lot.

SheriffWoodyAnd he loved the smiling, clapping and picture taking that rained down upon him.

We ran home after the parade for the annual neighborhood pizza party and trick or treating.  All the anticipation and excitement of Halloween definitely made it easier to leave “the most magical place on earth” the day before.


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