Ben: In Motion

1 Oct

I know, I know… blog posting has been spotty at best.  I’m trying to get back to a better schedule, but things keep happening to derail me.

Like this guy…


It’s a horrible picture – all blurry and out of focus – but it’s 100% Benjamin. He’s in constant motion – always running this way and then that; diving into you with a huge open mouthed smile; burying his face into your leg while buzzing by and saying “muuaahhh” as he zooms onto something else.

That guy has been quite the derailment lately.  He had a mystery illness this weekend where he sprouted spots – red, raised, irregular spots.  The doctors were stumped as his spots didn’t look much like any classical presentation of a virus.  I can already tell he will be a one percenter, this kid.  If something applies to 99% of the population, Benjamin will be the one percenter where the rules, standards, predictions just don’t apply.


And, I’m totally okay with that.  Because he’s delightful — both delightfully bad and delightfully good, but undoubtedly never still.


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