Three Things I Love…

21 Aug

1) Benjamin has developed a rather vigorous wave.  It includes a flat, rigid, open hand that shakes violently up and down.  If Tim takes him for a walk around the block, he waves and waves across the street up the driveway as Lucas and I play.

2) Lucas is the king of the instant replay.  He’ll throw a ball, and then quickly announce “did you see that?? This is what happened.  My hand was here and I moved it over here. The ball went like this and then I did that.” The replay happens in delightful slow motion and regularly happens after physical feat or personal injury.

3) Benjamin has a burgeoning future as a professional athlete –  specifically a pitcher. He loves to throw things.  Balls are his favorite toy and his aim, strength and precision is impressive.  The throwing extends far past balls though – it’s food, toys, pieces of tupperware that he’s retrieved from the kitchen cabinets and so much more.  While I admire his dedication to the craft, I would prefer if he could aim elsewhere with his dinner.  Most of my work clothes now feature splatter from his swiftly tossed food bombs.


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