Epic Battle of Wills

6 Aug

Lucas has a problem.  His shorts are too crunchy.  Or too big.  Or too small.  Or too “strong” for him.  They are too long, too short, a little pinchy, not the right color, and overall completely unacceptable.

He owns 15 pairs of shorts and is currently only willing to don a single pair.  The other fourteen pairs, which I may add were completely okay and wearable up until this weekend, should all be thrown in the garbage.

We’ve come to a complete impasse – an epic battle of will power that tests every fiber of Tim and I’s resolve.  This morning, he chose to forgo breakfast and an episode of his beloved Paw Patrol in favor of sitting in his room for SEVENTY minutes and sobbing.  Why?  Because Tim told him that he had to get dressed before he came downstairs to eat. This was a new rule, one put into place because yesterday brought forty minutes of sobbing AFTER breakfast and Paw Patrol forcing us to leave late for daycare.

Things we’ve tried:

1) Having him select his outfit the night before — this resulted in twenty minutes of sobbing and him losing his evening book before bed.  He cried himself to sleep after the indignity of it all.

2) Leaving the room while he cries.  Apparently he has the patience of Job and continues to sit in his bed (wearing only underwear) and cry.

3) Telling him a lengthy story about a boy named Leo who didn’t want to get dressed, and how he was forced to weigh the pros and cons of missing out on super fun school activities because of it.  He was fascinated by the story, but failed to see the parallels.

4) Letting him choose ANY outfit that he would like to wear to school.  Apparently, he feels they are all unacceptable.

5) Talking about all the shorts that his friends wear to school…. all similar to the fifteen pairs in his drawer. All horrible.

6) Asking him to put the shorts on for a brief period of time (i.e. during breakfast or while Mommy dries her hair) and if they are still bothering him after that consenting to remove them.  This worked twice over the weekend.  He’s hip to my game now and refuses.

7) Making a big fuss as we get dressed and dress Benjamin.  Shorts are FUN!! So fun!! Don’t we all look like we are having a blast putting these clothes on so we can go have a GREAT TIME!  He disagrees.

There are probably other things too…. but all seven options above have proven miserable failures.  So, what say you?  How doth we dress the boy who apparently would rather go to school nude than wear shorts?


3 Responses to “Epic Battle of Wills”

  1. Toni phelan August 6, 2014 at 5:23 pm #

    What about pants?

    • JRaePhelan August 6, 2014 at 6:41 pm #

      Equal no go! I would have let him wear an Elmo costume of he would have just put clothes on!

  2. Teresa August 6, 2014 at 7:35 pm #

    His epic resolve will serve him well when he is an adult, not so much now! How about a bathing suit?

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