Health Update

4 Aug

I haven’t written much about the health woes that have plauged us for the past few months. I watch the blinking cursor when it’s time to write the daily post and usually shove those thoughts aside as if putting letters onto the screen may make them more recurrent.  It’s ridiculous, of course, but any full-time working parent knows the dread of the “sick kid” phone call and the lengths you go to protect yourself from yet another day missed from work.  But, none the less, this is our reality — one, it should be noted, that is so much better and more fortunate than others.  We’ve got minor sick issues.  I know it.  I may complain about them, but they are minor none the less.  I’m thankful for their picayune nature, and pray they always stay that way.  But, in the interest of chronicling our life, here they are none the less.

It started here…


Stitches for the big boy after partying a bit too hard at a kids’ concert in the park.  He took a header into one of his pals and someone’s (we think not his) tooth sliced through his lip.  He was a champ at the urgent care, charming the stethoscopes off the nurses and earning himself an orange Popsicle from the doctor — the same doctor who asked in a thick Russian accent, “how do you feel about scars?”  Answer: not so good, especially facial scars.  Stitches are currently out, and he seems proud of his “scar” (although lets us apply regular dollaps of Vitamin E and sunscreen).  If you ask him, he’ll likely tell you that an alligator jumped out of the woods, they wrestled and the alligator nipped his face just as he threw him off back into the river.  It’s his story and we are sticking to it.


Less than twelve hours after our trip to urgent care, Ben and I spent an hour at the pediatrician collecting medicine and a diagnosis of double ear infection and pink eye — perhaps it was daycare’s gift for his first birthday?  Thankfully, the gift came three days early, enough time for the medicine to kick in and him to enjoy his festivities.

It was only twelve hours after Ben’s time at the pediatrician and 36 hours after Lucas’ inaugural trip to urgent care, that I found myself back there.  A brief trip to urgent care and a day at the ER confirmed a shiny new diagnosis for Mommy.  Thankfully, ten days of strong antibiotics and a funky diet protocol have me feeling ship shape again.  Ship shape enough for the illness pendulum to swing back to Benjamin last Thursday.

Poor little bugger has been running a high fever for four days now.  He’s not himself – sad sick eyes, poor balance, achy body and general malaise.  We’ve been to the doctor, urgently called the aftercare line twice courtesy of scary numbers on thermometers and scary stuff in his diaper.  Finally, this morning, we are heading in for some answers.  I’m hopeful and positive that the answers will be “nasty virus” and nothing more.  After all, we do the chronic illness thing around these parts, but it’s chronic basic illness that we specialize in. Mommy’s guess is Roseola, or maybe a strange morph of the Coxsackie virus.  In either case, we should be through most of the worst at this point.


(I took the above picture this weekend because I was so excited to see him sit and play with a toy for more than twelve seconds instead of crying, whining and acting generally sick and pathetic.  Here’s hoping for a whole lot more of these kinds of pictures).

So, it’s back to the pediatrician we go, our eighth visit to a doctor’s office in twice as many days.  Think good thoughts for my little man; I miss his smiles.


One Response to “Health Update”

  1. Jen August 4, 2014 at 10:10 pm #

    Sending healthy juju to PA! We had high fever and cranky baby too….doctor’s guess was Roseola, but no rash ever came? The joys of being a mommy 🙂

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