Birthday Presents

24 Jul

We aren’t “present openers during birthday party” people.  I know this can be a controversial subject – and people (surprisingly to me) have lots of opinions on why kids should/should not open their gifts.

I’m of the mindset that the present opening creates a lot of chaos (paper everywhere), resentment (the other kids), tears (“but I want to play with it now…”) and sometimes boredom (not sure Pop Pop is dying to see every age 1-3 appropriate toy that Benjamin was kindly gifted).  We skip the public present opening.  We go to plenty of parties where people open and I’m happy to sit and watch!  Do what you want at your own fete, I say.

That being said, Benjamin was given some incredibly thoughtful, fun presents and I wanted to share some pictures of him (read: his big brother) opening them.


Benjamin mostly walked around shaking wrapping paper, carrying card envelopes and putting pieces of used tape in his mouth.  Lucas, on the other hand, tore threw the gifts with wild abandon, shrieking with glee at each present and begging that they be opened immediately.  Two days later, they are both thrilled with the new offering of toys around the house, and I’m thrilled that they seem to be sharing nicely and playing on their own!

I also promise that this is the last of “Ben’s Birthday!!” blog posts. It’s been a dominating topic this week, huh?


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