Watching them play

10 Jul

Watching these boys play is one of my greatest joys right now.

IMG_8357I never really expected it.  I’m not sure I ever thought much about it, to be honest.  I remember hoping and praying that they’d get along and become friends.  I certainly still hope and pray that, but the day-to-day playtime just didn’t enter my mind much.

IMG_8361I’m really just starting to get a taste of it now.  No one makes Benjamin smile like Lucas does.  No one.  Ben is certain that the sun shines right out of Lucas’ body and he basks in it’s glow.

IMG_8365Of course, there is plenty of not playing nicely together.  Of Lucas playing rough…. Of Benjamin taking toys…. Of hair pulling, unwanted tackling, you name it.


IMG_8370But the moments when it’s good, it’s just so very good.


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