4th of July

8 Jul

We had a cool, rainy 4th of July morning.  It didn’t stop Lucas and Tim from heading out at 10am for the local parade that started at 11am…. whooops.  In their defense, the website had the time wrong.  Thankfully, the 70 minute wait was nothing that a blueberry muffin and blue balloon could not cure. And the time mishap was enough that Ben and I were able to join them post-morning nap.

4thJulyParadeThere were fire engines — loud ones, as evidenced by Luke’s pre-school buddy’s hand-on-the-ears approach to parade viewing.

4thJulyParade1Ben took the parade in from the comfort of his stroller while sipping away at his morning bottle.  Lucas frantically gathered the tossed candy (sidenote: why is the tossed candy always completely inappropriate for children?? Who is giving their three year old double bubble and gobstoppers?), and waved furiously at the passing boy scouts, bike riders and parade marchers.  Approximately eight minutes later, the parade was over and we had to trudge back through the rain to the car.  70 minute wait for 8 minute parade…. as long as there was candy, friends and balloons, we’ll mark it a win.

We spent the afternoon at Sesame Place.  It was such an unseasonably cool July afternoon – there were minimal crowds, not many lines and lots of fun to be had.SesameSwings

SesameRollercoasterI love taking pictures of Lucas on the roller coaster.  He just makes the age cutoff and is too short to ride without an accompanying adult.  He’s so short, in fact, that you can’t even spot him in the roller coaster car as it zips up the track.  He looks utterly terrified throughout the ride but jumps off with lots of excitement and regularly proclaims it his favorite ride of the day.  He’s bravery personified.


BenSesameCarouselBenny got into the act this trip – taking a spin on his first ride, the Sunny Day Carousel.  He seems rather unimpressed in this picture and looked much the same throughout the ride. No tears though… perhaps he’s only a season or two away from joining his brother on the carousel.

And, the true mark of a successful fourth — an utterly passed out passenger on our ride home from Sesame.  I don’t think he’s fallen asleep in the car in months, but no nap + parade + Sesame was just too much for him.  He zonked out, slept the whole way home and needed to be carried upstairs. He woke up enough to ask for a TV show but didn’t even finish his sentence before falling back asleep.  His brother conked out and didn’t even wake up on the transfer to crib.



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