Eleven Months Old

24 Jun

Dear Benjamin-

We are on the highway to being one year old, cruising in the fast lane at top speed with trees, houses and other cars blurring alongside.  That blur is how I’m feeling about time these days. I feel like I went to bed last night pregnant and woke up this morning with an eleven month old.  And while it feels like the months slipped by in a haze of sleepless nights, I can tell you that we’ve treasured the days.  If I close my eyes, I can still feel the weight of your newborn body sleeping in my arms.  Or your six month old signature poofy hair rubbing against my cheek.  I can picture you smiling at your brother for the first time, and hear you laughing at your father.  It’s been a whirlwind eleven months, Benjamin, but I wouldn’t trade a single dizzy moment of the ride.11MonthsOld

You are a determined little stinker at eleven months old.  You know what you want and cannot be deterred.  Typical baby distraction techniques — look, bright shiny thing over here! — only make you madder.  And when you are mad, everyone knows.  There is dramatics of a Julliard level.  You stop breathing.  Turn blue.  Collapse backwards or slouch forwards — likely due to the oxygen deprivation from the open mouthed, blue lipped, silent cry that can persist for upwards of a minute.  Once you finally take in some air, everyone should take cover and don ear protection.  The screaming can rattle windows.  As incredible frustrating as it can be to scoop up your blue lipped baby and try to convince them that closing the dishwasher or moving the dog’s bowl was a necessary thing, albeit obviously unfair and a solid example of poor parenting on our part, it’s one of your more charming characteristics.  I hope your persistence and dogged determination stick around, and I can’t wait to see where it takes you in life.

You are walking… sort of.  I never know when to call it walking.  You take anywhere from six to ten steps – moving from the couch to coffee table, or parent to parent.  If you let go once you are solidly balanced, you walk easily and steadily.  If you let go while excited or in a rush (because of that killer determination to get to the dog’s water bowl, persay), then the walking quickly transforms into a belly flop onto the ground.  You can stand unassisted for quite a good amount of time, although you can’t stand up from a sitting or crawling position on your own just yet.

Another true Benjamin-ism these days is the love of dancing.  You are a bebopping machine, bobbing your head to music while vigorously clapping your hands.  You dance when you are happy — often  when Lucas walks into the room, or when I put down a food that you love on your highchair tray.

Speaking of food, it’s all watermelon all the time these days.  Your love of green vegetables is gone, really your love of any vegetable is gone.  You are a fruit man these days and it’s watermelon that sings a siren song to your heart.  When the watermelon comes out of the refrigerator, the excitement starts. If it doesn’t make its way promptly onto your try, the drama ensues — especially if your brother happens to flaunt his watermelon consumption across the table.  Upon actual delivery of the watermelon onto your tray, the dancing begins. You are almost as happy to receive blueberries, and are certainly content with pretty much any other kind of fruit. Other than fruit, you eat burgers (chicken and turkey burgers, to be specific). No other type of meat is acceptable.

11Months -- Details

You are babbling fool with crazy long sessions of nonsensical babble coming from your mouth.  It doesn’t mean anything yet, but we eagerly await those first words.  You shout from the backseat to get Luke’s attention and reach your little hand out to hold his while you are both in your car seats.  I practically melt from the cuteness.

We can’t believe you are almost one, little boy.  It seems like you were just born, but at the same time, I can’t imagine a day in our life without you right now.  You are a treasure.

I love you everyday.
Your Mama


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