Weekend Fun

19 Jun

We headed back to Sesame Place last weekend for a day with friends.  Since we didn’t become avid Sesame-ers until September of last year, this was our first jaunt to the water ride portion of the park.  It definitely commanded a new level of preparedness — bathing suits, towels, water-friendly shoes, swim diapers (which I forgot…thankfully my friends were better prepared).

IMG_4275Unsurprisingly, our little brave one was as brave as usual — plunging with reckless abandon into the water attractions, including his first water slide.

IMG_4294As you can see, he was a big fan.  I was a big fan of the provided safety equipment as those slides moved fast and ended in deep (for a three-year old) water.

IMG_4272Benjamin got into the act too.  He was rather unimpressed -trying to crawl in water a bit too deep for him, and managing to soak my legs while trying to walk through the water.  He was much happier back in the stroller with a mid-morning bottle.

IMG_4274I imagine there are many more wet days ahead of us this summer, and we are looking forward to them.


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