12 Jun

Benjamin has perfected the dramatic collapse.

I don’t recall the drama starting quite this early with Lucas, or being quite so injury-inducing.  It’s full onTinyTroubleMaker temper tantrum time, folks.

If you tell him no…

If you remove the dog bowl (even if he is across the room) so that he cannot splash in the water…

If you walk out of the room…

If he has his arms up to be picked up…

If he looks at you and you aren’t reacting with the appropriate chutzpa…

He collapses.  Not forwards either.  He throws his entire body into a rigid, plank-like state and slams the back of his head into the floor.  There is no regard as to what floor either — hardwood, no problem, better thud he thinks.  There is also no regard as to what may be behind him — corner of the coffee table, no problem, better chance Mom will come running.

The other part of the collapsing strategy (perhaps the cause of it) is an extended period of time with the open-mouth-no-sound cry face.  He turns a little bit blue, because apparently oxygen is optional to him when he has been so affronted by life.

He’s our little drama llama.  Thankfully he’s cute and we have insurance for head injuries.


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