6 Jun

Here are some of our latest hijinks…

First up: these two gems submitted via text from Ben’s daycare teacher:


It’s always good to see that smile mid-day.

BenNoteDaycareAnd it’s even better to get little notes from the tiny one when I’m feeling particularly sore and swollen from my tooth drama.

The bigger one has taken to asking for “cuddle time” at night before bed.  This is usually an effort to delay bedtime, and the snuggles and cuddles he request, quickly translates to demands of “tickle me, mommy.”

LucasLaughingI’m happy to comply as his laugh is one of my favorite noises in the world.

The little one is Franken-walking around the house with his walker:

And, the big one is demonstrating his complete inability to catch in a hilarious display of no coordination each evening:



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