First Haircut

3 Jun

Benjamin is now a proud member of the haircut club.

After receiving a text from my mom that complimented my “beautiful daughter” on her long flowing locks, I resigned myself to the fact that the time had come.  He was awfully shaggy around the ears and the back of his hair was almost braid-able.

IMG_4189There was definitely a good bit of moping around, including several moments featuring dramatic sighs of “but he’s my baby….”

IMG_4191His hair has been his signature look — wild cowlick, fluffy sides, refusing to behave or be tamed, all while being the softest, most downy substance on the planet Earth. After months and months of waking up 4, 5, 6, 9 times a night, I was used to picking him up from his crib and burrowing my exhausted face into his soft pile of hair.  I wasn’t ready to cut it, but it was certainly ready to be cut.

IMG_4197Like his brother before him, he was a total trooper.  He sat nicely on Tim’s lap with minimal fidgeting and fussing.  Approximately seven minutes later, he had a new do.  And even though I resisted the change, it is quite charming, I must admit.



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