2 Jun

Apologies for the bloggy break — it’s been a dental debacle around our house of late. After several weeks of dealing with some not-so-pleasant dental drama, I had my lower right wisdom tooth yanked last week.  All in all, it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be — likely because I was imagining the most awful thing that could ever happen in all of the awful things.

Tim was a huge help with the boys — especially given the fact that Benjamin decided 24-hours after my oral surgery was the perfect time to get sick for the weekend.  But really, who doesn’t want an infant thrashing around in a fever daze while you are trying to get some healing rest?

Gigi and PopPop nabbed Lucas Saturday morning and had a very special day filled with adventures.  I’m quite worried that a standard Saturday with Mommy and Daddy will never quite measure up to the park, playground, pony rides, picnic lunches, water ice treats, movies on the couch and football played outside that he was treated to in just a few condensed hours with his grandparents.  Unsurprisingly, he fell asleep in the car on the way home that night (for the first time in over a year).

So, as I managed to take zero pictures this past weekend — likely the first time I can say that in quite some time — I share with you the two shared from Lucas’ great adventure with his grandparents.




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