Sesame Season

28 May

Sesame Place season is upon us — a fact met with immense elation from Lucas James, when we announced our first trip to “Elmo’s World” last Saturday.

IMG_4084He immediately donned his Elmo shirt and we headed to the park. Now that he’s three-years old, he is “big” enough to go on the roller coaster, accompanied by a responsible adult, of course.  I got to ride along with him on his first trip on the Vapor Trail — a ride that was approximately 150% faster and more frightening than I expected it to be.  He, on the other hand, thought it was amazing, and shrieked “SCARY FUN!” as soon as it ended.


We did our usual routine of “hang out till naptime and then blow the popsicle stand,” but added in a special stop to see the characters from PBS’ SuperWhy Show in concert.


IMG_4099Our tagalong kid, Benjamin, was on best behavior — totally willing to ride along in the stroller and practice the fine art of people watching as Tim and I swapped on and off rides with Lucas.

IMG_4092Likely the first of mannnnnny trips to Elmo’s World this summer – something I never thought I’d relish quite so much.


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