Five Things I Love About Benjamin: 10 months old

27 May

1. I love watching him pull up.  He does it with brazen confidence, unfettered confidence that is utterly misplaced since he is just learning.  Sometimes clutching at the tables edge with his finger tips and straining to pull himself up — other times, popping up onto his knees and throwing his little body forward – head careening towards the table’s edge, seconds away from smashing into it, often caught only by his pudgy little hands or arms bouncing off the table top as he finds his balance.  But, the best part, are his bendy little feet and ankles.  As he pulls up, they seem to stretch and give like play dough.  The first one finds steady ground, planted firmly and flat, while the second is still vertical, bent nearly in half as he wobbles and steadies.  Then finally, he flips it out and both feet land flat — sometimes up on tip toes, but usually flat — and he slaps the table top with such glee.  He did it and he knows it.

2. He wishes he had three hands — or that he could walk, but I like to think it’s a wish for three hands. He’ll crawl over and grab something, typically something small that he shouldn’t have, and then he’ll want to keep it with him.  Crawling while clutching a tiny plastic person or Mr. Potato Head’s arm is for the birds… instead, he’ll pop the the miscellaneous plastic arm into his mouth and crawl away fast as can be — because, when all else fails, his mouth doubles pretty solidly for that third arm.BenjaminSwinging

3. I love the look he gives when he knows he’s being trouble.  He’ll crawl towards the dogs bowl, pause to turn around and make eye contact, smirk the most amazing smirk, and then crawl at top speed to tip it over.  As much as I hate cleaning up the spilled water (approximately 8 times each day), the smirk makes it a little easier.

4. When he’s really delighted that you pick him up, he immediately gives you a pat, pat, pat on the chest.  You know you are in his good graces after being rewarded with his sweet little smack.

5) You can tell that he embraces the wrestling ring that is our living room.  If Lucas is sitting on the floor, it’s mere seconds till he’s diving on top of him.  If you are sitting on the couch, he’s tackling your legs and slobbering on your knees.  He can totally hang with the big guys.



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