Mommy & Lucas Adventure

22 May

MommyLucasAdventureLucas and I recently went on an adventure.  I surprised him with a mid-day pick up at school and we darted off to Atlantic City to see Mickey Mouse, Jake & The Neverland Pirates and Princess Sofia in a performance of Disney Junior Live.

He was super excited to see the ocean and touch the sand.  Although, he was slightly less enthused once he was actually toes in… apparently sand causes temporary paralysis in his legs, something I’m going to be considering the next time we are having a wild evening at home.



We took beach selfies, ate soft pretzels and strolled the boardwalk before heading into the performance.  I’m not sure he quite understood what I meant by “going to see a show,” but his timidness in the beginning of the performance quickly morphed into dancing next to his seat and then eased into running down the aisles to get closer to the stage.




MommyLucasAdventure6Yup, that little one in the green shirt is mine — heading straight for the stage. Apparently Jake was in need of a pirate assistant, and afterall, he had just made muscles with a pirate fellow during intermission.

MommyLucasAdventure8It was such a delight to spend the day together, and he was such a good travel buddy.  We ended our adventures with pizza and chocolate milk at a local restaurant before jetting back up the Atlantic City Expressway to get home to see Benjamin and Daddy.



One Response to “Mommy & Lucas Adventure”

  1. Teresa May 22, 2014 at 10:14 pm #

    What a special day for you both!

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