Ten Months Old

21 May

Dear Benjamin–

I’m so glad you are a tiny guy… it lets me pretend that ten months is not upon us.  When I hold you, you still are a perfect fit. Feet barely dangling over my arms, head snuggled into my shoulder, hair tickling my nose — you are still very much my munchkin, my little one, my favorite baby – just as your brother is the stark opposite with gangly long limbs, all knees and elbows, heavy and solid on my chest, my favorite big boy.  Time is tricky.  I’ll blink and your ten months will quickly be three years – you’ll be the gangly legged, knobby kneed one as your brother morphs into a steady footed, quick tongued six year old. But for now, for this moment, this sweet spot in time, you are all pink cheeked, drooly mouthed, chubby legged, ten months of perfection.


It was such a great month for you, sweet boy.You funneled all that frustration and aggravation of last month into movement — actual, purposeful movement.  From crawling to pulling up, from pulling up to cruising, it happened in a matter of days, and you were never so proud.  We call you the havoc maker.  Because now you are firmly in your brother’s business.  Whatever he plays with, you want.  Vice versa is also true, and I can confidently say that you are a much better sharer than he is right now. His favorite play zone — the coffee table — is now your favorite place to pull up and walk around.  Your toys cohabitat with his in a colorful play village of mayhem and noise.  It’s all perfectly imperfect, raucous and fantastic.

With the nice weather we are spending more and more time outside.  You are a frequent driver of the well worn red buggy o’fun, always content assuming we are strolling around the neighborhood or exploring our yard and never content to merely be held while Mommy tries to stand and talk with neighbors.  You’ve got places to go, knees to scrape on the driveway, rocks to eat, mud to smear and a whole big wide world of opportunity calling your name.

Benjamin, you are such a good eater.  You totally dig solid foods, and I do mean solids  Purees are for babies and, for heavens’ sake, you are ten months old so pass the filet mignon. You eat bits and bobs of our dinners, chow down on all the veggies I can roast or steam for you, and tear up some baby mum mums or biscuits.  We haven’t tried meat yet, but I think it’s coming soon.  We offer you four bottles a day, and you are typically unimpressed. You drink a little, spit a lot, throw the bottle, and move along to the next greatest activity.

10MonthsDetailsYou are (finally) figuring out the sleep thing, and my word, has that been slow coming.  This was not an awful month in the sleep department [mommy whispers and looks furtively over her shoulder so as not to taunt the sleep lords].  We had a few rough nights courtesy of your first TWO teeth that arrived within mere days of one another.  You still love to wake up much too early and come into our bed for early morning snuggles.  I’ll be honest, I don’t absolutely hate that.  You aren’t nearly as much of the eye poker, hair puller that your brother was and it’s kind of sweet to be tickled by your soft hair and wake up to your lovey blanket being tossed in my face.  I’ll take it… as long as it’s infrequently.

Little one, we are barreling towards that first birthday, and I’m pressing the brakes a bit.  This is a great age and you are so fantastic at ten months.  We adore you.

Love you everyday,
Your Mama


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