15 May


While walking into school this morning, we passed several “big kids” — you know, the kindergarteners or kids who will soon be joining the ranks of “those who take the bus.” I was shocked to hear every one of those children greet Lucas by name and with enthusiasm.  He seemed rather nonplussed over the attention and, when I questioned who they were, he responded, “I don’t know their names.  They just like to play with me.”  Who knew he was Mr. Popular with the big guys at recess…

_ _ _ _

Lucas never uses the word “driving.” He calls it “vrooming.” As in, “Mom look at those cars vrooming over there!” Or, “Do you see that school bus vrooming down the road?”

_ _ _ _

He’s such a great companion at restaurants.  We are very blessed with boys who have excellent behavior in public places.  BUT… his volume control could use a little work. Tim was coming back from the bathroom while Lucas and I were seated at our table.  Luke spotted him halfway across the restaurant and shouted, “Daddy, I have to poop!!”  I’m confident all the other restaurant patrons were thrilled to learn about his bowels.



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