Brother Bath

13 May

Lucas was very eager to try a brother bath now that Benjamin no longer uses the baby tub.

BrotherBathIt was an exciting event filled with shrieking, splashing, a few tears (theirs), and a good bit of disbelief (mine).  It’s hard to believe that Ben is old enough for things like that — that my boys can tub together, play together, fight together.

BrotherBath1We can safely say that these brother baths will remain “special occasions” until Ben stops trying to shove every tiny bath toy in his mouth while diving on top of Lucas, who then screams “NO Benjamin, we don’t tackle in the tubber.” Also, Tim and I don’t love having to change clothes after a bath each night, and the level of splashing, thrashing and twisting that occurred during this bath reach epic proportions.


One Response to “Brother Bath”

  1. Meghan May 13, 2014 at 7:47 pm #

    I’m quite confused by this post. Don’t all children stay in their baby tubs until age 3? Oh wait, that’s just my son. 😉 Cute pics!

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