2 May

Poor second child…. he’s been crawling for a full week and I’m just blogging it now, with no videos or photos of the evidence.  But, despite my sorry job of documenting this milestone, Mr. Benjamin is on the move.  Apparently hearing the doctor at his 9-month appointment say he was delayed in crawling was the kick in the diaper he needed to get going, he started taking a few crawling steps that night, and has subsequently been adding more and more distance.

If I’m not with him, he can easily crawl across the room, and is particularly motivated to do so to reach something elicit (like a plugged in cord, or the smallest, most choke-able of Luke’s toys).  But, if I’m in the room with him, he’s much less likely to crawl and much more likely to sob on the floor because “ahhhhh, how can you force me to crawl when your only job is to transport me from place to place, knowing exactly where I need to go and exactly how long (.2 seconds) I want to stay in each location. wahhhhhhh.”  Imagine the most inconsolable, open mouthed silent cry, turning blue in the face drama you can picture… that’s what it looks like.

The crawl itself… it’s not so elegant.  It’s more of a strangely-angled leg, shuffle scoot that is strangely reminiscent of Lucas’ one-legged crawl.  Some people walk with a limp — Ben crawls with a limp — sort of dragging one leg behind him.  It isn’t speedy yet (thank heavens), but it is rather determined.  And it’s completely irritating to Lucas, because Benjamin is now touching all of his things all of the time.  I find it all rather charming.






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