Tali the Dog

28 Apr

It’s been a brutal few months for us on the illness front. Typically nothing more than your standard GI distress, fevers, ear infections, sniffles, sneezes and drippy noses, but with a frequency that I never could have imagined previously.  Since November, it’s been nearly every week that one of the kids is sick and Tim or I have to miss work.

I can only imagine that perhaps the dog was jealous of all this extra attention… he must have thought to himself, “hmmm, those kids are sucking up all the love, attention, and time.  What can I do to get some focus diverted my way?”  And, his canine-brain led him to start consuming napkins, paper towels, baby wipes in such a quantity that last week (after Ben being out of school Monday/Tuesday with fever), Tali started throwing up.  Lots and lots.  And then he stopped eating…. something that never happens.  Cue the visit to the vet, a one-way ticket to X-rays and the grand finale of same-day surgery to correct the intestinal blockage that had occurred.  I’m going to re-name him “the one-upper” — he just had to take the standard (but constant) sniffles and sneezes and one up his way to attention-ville.

While he has certainly eaten his fair share of paper towels, napkins and baby wipes, the real trouble maker last week was a sock lodged in his intestines.  I’ll give you one guess as to the owner of that sock?

So, when I was explaining the bugaboo to Lucas the day of the surgery, and detailing how sad it was that Tali had to have his stomach cut open; and how careful we’d need to be when he was allowed to come home to make sure he didn’t get too excited and rip his stitches; and how he’d need to wear a funny cone around his head to keep him from bothering his belly by licking it…. he was solely focused on the sock at hand.

His first statement after I narrated the entire story was “so, when do I get my sock back?” And he followed it up with “I hope it won’t have a hole in it.”  Ahhhh… the compassion of a three-year old.

I’m pleased to report that Tali is home and seems to be recovering nicely. And may we all pray that this was the pièce de résistance in our five month stretch of constant illness.



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