Nine Months Old

21 Apr

Dear Benjamin–

Today we mark another milestone — nine months old, a moment that I always think best described as “living outside as long as you were in.” We could also be marking the milestone “Benjamin is sick again” since we had yet another call from daycare today telling us to come get you because of a fever — this is becoming quite the unwelcome trend between you and Lucas.  Let’s make today the last time we celebrate this particular milestone and move on to much more fun stuff, mmmkay?NineMonthsOld

You were frustrated this month, my friend.  And because of that, you were quite frustrating to us.  You want so desperately to be on the move independently, but you just haven’t put all the pieces together yet.  You transition quite smoothly from sitting up to all fours, and then you flop in a frustrated heap of “this is the worst, I’m stuck and I’m mad” drama.  There is screaming and big crocodile tears.  But more recently, there has also been some forward progress.  The loud and angry drama is finally accompanied by a resigned inchworming-crawl-ish-type-thing.  It would be an incredible lie to call it graceful.  In fact, you do everything within your nine-month old power to make sure we are aware that it is completely unpleasant and unacceptable that you are being forced to inchworm your way over to something.  You are quite sure that the better choice would be to have us hold you by the fingers and let you “walk” over to all the things — all of the things being specifically all the tiny little pieces of toys that your brother leaves laying around, and perhaps a few catalogs to chew on.  But alas, we force you to move and move you now can.  I spent most of the month thinking that you’d be skipping crawling entirely, but you may just surprise me yet.

You recently figured out how to sit yourself up from a laying position, and that seems to make a whole lot better.  Honestly, anything that would get you off of your belly makes life a whole lot better according to you.  According to me, this whole sitting up thing is a bit for the birds.  We had to lower your crib yesterday because you are awfully close to pulling up (and tumbling out), and now I have to impale myself on the side rail to get you out.  Even worse, if you are asleep while I’m trying to put you back in there, I have to drop your sleeping body a few inches because who can reach that low? It is awfully cute though to find you in there in the classic “I was sitting up and fell fast asleep so now I’m just hunched over” position.  NineMonths1

Benjarooski (blame your brother for that nickname, along with the ever popular “plosher”), you really don’t dig your bottles.  Bottles are for babies and you would much rather eat like your brother.  Veggies, specifically green ones, are your favorite.  We have to spoon ’em in fast and furious.  You are now eating pancakes or waffles for breakfast, fruit purees for lunch and veggies for dinner.  You are a card carrying member of “Puff-Aholics Anonymous” and could sit endlessly as long as the puff supply is plentiful.  It’s time to move on to Cheerios and other finger foods, but your silly Mom keeps forgetting to buy them at the store.  Let’s make a deal – you stop getting sick and I’ll make an effort to get you a more diverse meal plan?

We have fleeting glimpses of a world with better sleep — usually coinciding with the fleeting moments of good health.  Otherwise, we still have regular overnight visitations and you make guest appearances in our bed more than once a week. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to sleep through the night and am super excited on the next morning when you’ve only woken up one or two times. There’s years ahead to sleep right?  I’ll keep telling myself that.

And while I may complain a lot that we’ve had lots of sickness and not a lot of sleep, more than anything we have smiles… and laughter… and sweet baby hugs with accompanying open mouth kisses.  We have a lot of happiness and so much love.  We have an amazing family and you are such an important part of it.  We are so glad to have had these nine months and cannot wait for all the months to follow.

I love you everyday.
Your Mama

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