4 Apr

Benny loves his solids these days.

He gobbles up bowl after bowl of the homemade baby mush, and has been eating puffs and Mum Mums with great enthusiasm.  Recently, I decided to expand his diet a bit to include more table food.

He’s had bites of banana, handfuls of peas and whole pancakes — all consumed happily and quickly!  I’ve got to reach wayyyy back into my sleep deprived brain and try to remember other “early eater” foods to try with him since he seems to be a burgeoning foodie.


Lucas is always thrilled to watch him try new things.  He roots him on — cheering things like “good job, Benjamin! You like those peas!!  Good job!”  Of course, if you suggest that Benjamin will share his peas, he then collapses in a heap and shouts, “I don’t LIKE peas.  They are for BENNY!”


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