Typical Saturday Morning

2 Apr


Lucas is doing puzzles — a skill he came to later than most his age, but is coming to love, particularly this large floor puzzle with Dr. Seuss and friends.

IMG_3740Benjamin is swinging around a plastic carrot with wild abandon, pausing to gnaw on it’s rubbery goodness and shout “Da, Da, Da!” repeatedly from his Exersaucer.  But only before he grows impatient with its confines and demands to be removed and propped up somewhere else….

IMG_3750…like the coffee table.  Where he demonstrates his “leaning tower of Benjamin” pose while grabbing every tiny toy his brother left there and attempting to jam them furtively into his mouth before tumbling ungracefully off the side of the table.

IMG_3748And some light calisthenics as Tim gets ready to go out for a run and Lucas joins him in a morning stretch… the Jake and the Neverland Pirate pajamas add a little something to the exercise routine, I think.

And to think, just four years ago a typical Saturday morning consisted of sitting on the couch and watching Good Morning America with breakfast and a magazine.  Life is certainly a lot louder, more colorful and lively these days.


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