Sports, sports, sports

31 Mar

Did you know that today is opening day for the Phillies?  Apparently this is something that I now know… who’d ever have thought.  And not only do I know this useless piece of trivia, I have to accommodate their wardrobes accordingly. Because on the kickoff of baseball season, school suggests dressing in your favorite team’s attire.

Lucas was very excited to don his Phillies shirt this morning (even though it is short sleeves and is getting a bit short in the tummy for our growing guy).  Poor Benjamin had to make due with a red shirt… leftovers from Valentine’s Day.  I promise to step up my game for child #2 once he is aware of these critical sports milestones.

He came running in to show off his Phillies shirt, and I asked him if he knows anyone who plays for the Phillies.  He confidently told me that Daddy does!  Who knew??  Tim assured him that he was not quite up to professional baseball snuff, and started to run through the players — Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Chooch!, Marlon Byrd.  Lucas was incredulous — a BIRD playing baseball?  Couldn’t be.

After reeling a bit to learn that Tim isn’t playing outfield for the Phillies this season, Lucas asked him “what do you do, Daddy?”  Tim replied and told him where he worked — an answer that made Lucas laugh, scoff, shake his head and walk out of the bathroom muttering, “NO, you play baseball all day.”

Clearly that single softball game we attended last season left quite the impression…



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