Pancake Breakfast

24 Mar

I need to write Benjamin’s 8 month (ahhh!!!) letter and take his pictures.  But, pink eye and vomit got in the way.  Ohhh winter of 2014, how I’ll never, ever miss you and your awful onslaught of germs.

So, while we are waiting….

Here’s Benjamin’s first pancake breakfast. Dude loved them. Couldn’t get them in fast enough, and signed “more” approximately 1,274 times while chowing down.


And this adorableness happened after the pancakes, but before the pink eye (Ben) and vomit (Lucas)…




One Response to “Pancake Breakfast”

  1. jan kinnally March 26, 2014 at 8:01 pm #

    the joys of motherhood and the germs of childhood !!! 2 polar opposites !

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