Conversations with Lucas

17 Mar

This morning I found him sitting amidst a huge pile of blocks. BrothersInHoodies I made the mistake of asking what he was doing with the blocks and was quickly (and rather harshly) corrected, “NO!  These are not blocks.  These are gummy candies filled with ice cream.  I’m putting them together for Patrick!”  I quickly erred again by asking who Patrick was and why he needed gummy candies full of ice cream, and was told, “Patrick!  Daddy said it’s his day.  His birthday.  He is getting gummies for his birthday.”  Hopefully, St. Patrick is thankful for the belly full o’blocks awaiting him at our house.

_ _ _ _ _

On our way home from the grocery store yesterday, I reminded Lucas that this week had lots of special days, St. Patrick’s Day, my birthday and the first day of spring.  The following conversation ensued:

Lucas: “What guys are you having on your cake?”
Me: “Sorry, what?”
Lucas: “Are you having a Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake for your birthday?”
Me: “Oh, hmm.  I don’t think so.  Are you making me a cake for my birthday?”
Lucas: “Nope.  I don’t make cakes.”
Me: “Okay, well who does?  Who will make me a cake for my birthday?”
Lucas: “The makers.”
Me: “The makers… do you mean the bakers?”
Lucas: “Nope, the makers make cakes.  And after they give you a Jake cake, tell them I want a Paw Patrol cake for my birthday.”



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