Seven Months Old

24 Feb

Dear Benjamin-

It has been quite a month in this house.  In fifty years, you may look back and say that the snowiest winter of your life was your very first one.  We seemed to have accumulating snow every three days this month, and thanks to the inches (feet even!) of snow crowding the yards, sidewalks and roads, we spent quite a bit of time at home.  Add the revolving door of sickness that you and your brother seem to be trading lately, and our snow days plus our sick days seemed to be more than our work and school days!  “Quite a month” is about the nicest description I have of all this cooped up time; for a mommy who likes to be on the go and exploring the latest and greatest adventures, fevers, ear infections and tons of the white stuff are not my bag.7Months

It shouldn’t be any surprise though that you manage to make “sick” look awfully sweet.  Even with high fevers and obvious pain from double ear infections, you were still the smiley-est guy around.  You smile, you squeal, you squirm and recently you’ve started lunging towards us (and remote controls, laptop screens, ipads and more).

You are solidly sitting and usually only lose your balance in a wild, half cocked attempt to reach something just out of grasp.  The resulting plunge onto your belly is far from pleasing and we hear some of your only cries around this time.  Belly time is still for bubbas, and you are quite sure that you are far from a bubba.

It was a big eating month and we introduced lots of new foods.  Shocking to me, peas are your consistent favorite, and veggies in general are more pleasing to your palette than fruits.  If we combined your taste buds with Luke’s, we’d have a well balanced eater!  Little did I realize though, that with the introduction of solid foods, you’d require a steady intake of prunes. It’s prunes nearly every day, and even that is not always enough to help your tiny belly. You surely are your own man … just what a Mommy thinks she may have a leg up on “baby stuff,” the baby goes and develops a whole slew of issues that she’s never before experienced. It’s such a great reminder that you are very much your own unique person!7MonthsCloseUP

You love to giggle, and we love to make you.  You think it is down right riotous when we prop you on top of our heads and say “where’s Benjamin?” You practically explode with joy when I take a wet paper towel and pretend to tug of war with you after dinner time.  You shriek and squeal with unparalleled delight while shredding the paper on the doctor’s exam table.

And your hair…what can I say that I haven’t already written about in previous months. Truthfully, no matter how many times I mention it, it is mentioned a hundred more times wherever we are.  People stop us in the grocery store to comment on your fluffy, soft locks.  It’s your trademark, your signature… it’s so very you and I adore it.

Benjamin baby, a thousand times I’d re-live this month – even if I describe it as “quite a month” – over a month without you in our lives.  You make every day better, brighter and a whole lot sweeter.

I love you everyday.
Your mama7MonthsDetails





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