19 Feb

My son has an addiction.

If he knew about AA, he might follow their well thought out program and stand up and say, “My name is Lucas James and I’m a Paw Patrol addict.”  I mistakenly introduced him to the Nick Jr. show several months ago after growing tired of repeated Mickey Mouse episodes; certainly never realizing that in a few short weeks, his addiction would surpass anything we’d previously experienced.  If he could grind the Paw Patrol into dust, I can assure you’d he’d snort it right up his nose.

It’s a cute show.  The gaggle of six pups are led by a young boy named Ryder around the fictional town of Adventure Bay.  Each pup has a specific area of expertise — fire, police, construction, recycling, etc — and a corresponding vehicle that they drive during rescue missions around Adventure Bay.

Little did I know that after several months of consuming all the Paw Patrol he could get, Lucas would bring the pups home to roost in our house.  Allow me to introduce, the Paw Patrol:

Aren’t sure what you are looking at?  That’s six beanie baby puppy dogs riding on top of six larger stuffed animals.  They are lined up at the end of our master bed because…well, who the heck knows why.

Here’s the view from the rear:


If you are wondering who lined them up there… you clearly think that Tim and I have more time on our hands than we do.  Of course, Lucas did.  They were on a mission — led by Ryder (played by Big Bird riding the Lightening McQueen Cars pillow) that brought them into my room and came to rest at the edge of my bed.  Had I moved them I’d have guaranteed myself an epic tantrum.

See, each puppy corresponds directly with one of the larger stuffed animals.  They never vary.  For example, here’s Marshall and Rubble riding on their vehicles (because you can never refer to them as anything other than cars…. heaven help you if you call that thing a panda).


Last weekend, Tim made the incomparable error of putting Marshall (the dalmation) onto the panda car, and Rubble (the white puppy) onto the brown and white teddy bear.  There were tears.  And some sobbing.  And cries of “why did you do it, daddy???”

The Paw Patrol is not to be messed with under any circumstance. A rule that is all well and good until they are “on a mission” in the middle of the upstairs hallway in the middle of the night — posing quite the tripping hazard to the parent stumbling into Benjamin’s room to rescue him for the 794th time that night.  But if you happen to trip over them, or nudge them out of the way to protect your own life during your evening escapades, Lucas will know.  And you can expect quite the talking to the following morning.  Usually the lecture contains an extreme tale of woe — Marshall saw a fire, and the pups were helping him, and they were doing their job to save somebody.  AND YOU messed it all up.  How could you, oh awful parent….

That boy and his drama.  I don’t know where he gets it from.

PawPatrol2The pups on a mission… their cars parked behind.


And sweet little Ben (who is never allowed to touch the Paw Patrol), watching Lucas help the pups aboard their vehicles to peel out and address the next fire.




2 Responses to “Addiction”

  1. Teresa February 19, 2014 at 5:03 pm #

    Love his imagination!!!! Smart boy.

  2. Meghan February 19, 2014 at 7:29 pm #

    We made the same Paw Patrol mistake…and the theme song stays in your head FOREVER!!!

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