Best Buddies

11 Feb


I’m constantly amazed at the adoration between these two.  I hoped it would come, but had no idea it would happen so quickly or mutually.  Benjamin lights up like a Christmas tree when Lucas bestows attention upon him.  And, Lucas is constantly swooping by to kiss the top of Ben’s head, rub his belly or announce “I love you, brother!”

Most recently, they’ve been actually playing together — or perhaps better described as playing with the same toys in a close proximity to one another. Lucas has begun to speak on Ben’s behalf.  He does it in an altered voice/slight accent from his usual manner of speaking and (unsurprisingly) it’s often in his favor.  Tonight, while Benjamin was eating yogurt for dinner, Luke walked over and spoke in his Benjamin voice and said “Yes, Lucas, you can have some of my yogurt.  Mommy will give it to you.”

Ahhhh, Lucas won’t know what’s coming when Benny can actually speak up for himself.


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