Mr. Independent

10 Feb

This one…


…. he thinks he’s hot stuff.  Mr. Big Shot.  He’s all “I eat baby mush now so infant stuff is for tiny babies.  I’m a big guy now so bring it on world.”  And with that, he’s started holding his own bottle — sometimes pushing my hands away in favor of independent dining.

photo 1And that tiny little taste of independence opened up a whole new world.  Now, he thinks he owns the place.  Insisting upon sitting in a high chair at restaurants:

photo 3And riding in the cart at the grocery store:

photo 2Oddly enough, his independent streak seems to expire around 1am these days whereupon he insists — loudly and frequently — that he’d be so much happier sleeping with me.  Because in the middle of the night, co-existence is much cooler for big kids than independence.



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