5 Things I Love About Benjamin – 6 months old

29 Jan

1) He does the Benny wiggle.  We see it most often on the changing pad or while he is rolling around in his crib, he gets flat on his bag and wiggles his shoulders and hips up and down like he’s trying to burrow down into the surface of where he is laying.  I’ve yet to capture it on video, because I’m usually grumbling “why is he awake?” when I notice it happening, but it’s awfully cute all the same.BenCloseUp

2) He gives amazing hugs — literally dives for your neck and squeezes with all his might.  After he pops back up, he usually finishes it off with a huge open mouth attack of your cheek.

3) He is sitting up like a champ.  We still will wrap a boppy around him as a safeguard, but he rarely needs it and hardly every falls onto his face.  This morning, I was able to sit him down with toys and go dry my hair.  I came back and he was contentedly playing away while sitting up.  Love this phase of “I can’t get away from you” parenting.

4) He seems to love food!  He’s eating dinner every night – veggies and either brown rice cereal or oatmeal.  Amazingly, his favorite food so far seems to be peas.  He’s had them twice and eats them up with a big open mouth.  It’s safe to say that he’s already consumed more peas in the past two nights than Lucas has eaten in his entire life.

5) He’s deep into the “everything goes in my mouth” phase.  Once he’s done exploring it orally, he vigorously shakes it in the air and then smacks it over and over again on the floor/high chair/table, etc in a vigorous power pat.


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