The angst

24 Jan

Lucas has quite a bit of angst these days.  It seems all the emotions you’d expect of a teenager are brewing around in his little chest and they erupt with all the rage and lack of patience you’d predict from a three year old.

I overheard him giving a detailed report to Benjamin this morning on all my misdeeds.  “Benjamin, I’m annnnngry with Mommy,” he said. “She told me to put my friends away and I got so sad so I yelled at her.  She make me annnngry.” Benjamin, bless his little blissfully unaware six month heart, cooed right along as if he was in utter agreement with Luke’s diatribe.

I can tell his teachers’ are working hard on listening and following directions.  Twice this week, he’s come home proudly displaying stickers for good listening skills.  He wears them like a badge of honor and I often notice him holding his hand over the sticker to ensure it isn’t falling off.  Of course, none of that translates into better listening and less angst at home.

Here he is showing off the double stickers he earned at daycare…

photo[3]… not three minutes later, those stickers were confiscated for poor listening at home.  I imagine Benjamin would have gotten an earful about mean mommy had he not already been in bed for the night.


One Response to “The angst”

  1. Teresa January 25, 2014 at 8:53 am #

    Hang in there Jess. Parenthood is quite challenging but staying firm and consistent will benefit Luke in his life.

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