Six Months Old

22 Jan

Dear Benjamin–

Six months feels like a big deal.  It’s one of the first landmarks of your life.  You’ve been breathing on your own for half a year — bringing smiles to our faces, creating so much laughter and so little sleep. We are so blessed to have you as our fourth.

You are our fuzzy little night owl – hooting away in your room hour after hour only to treat whoever stumbles in to see you with a huge, gummy grin. I certainly never imagined that I’d be getting this little sleep when you were six months old.  I really never imagined it was possible to function on this kind of broken sleep.  It isn’t once or twice a night… it’s six times, eight times, occasionally more. We are flattered that you like to spend so much time with us, but let’s make this month the one you choose to sleep through the night.

6MonthsAnd the hair… oh Benny.  It’s remarkable.  It’s soft and fuzzy; so very stick-uppy.  It’s definitely your thing – the characteristic that everyone comments on.  We call you our little peacock thanks to the fuzzy noggin and we adore it.  We rub it for luck, casually rest our cheek against it for comfort and giggle about its craziness often.

You are learning to sit up on your own, and assuming that no one (Lucas!) runs into view, you can do so steadily for quite a long time.  Your excitement at the fast moving flash of your brother entering your peripheral vision almost always guarantees a topple, and sometimes your enthusiasm for grabbing something out of arm’s reach also brings on a face plant.  You are a rolling machine, but only in one direction.  Many nights, as soon as we place you in the crib on your back, you are flipping right over onto your stomach.  Guess what?  You hate being on your stomach.  Until you figure out how to roll off it, maybe we can stop spending so much time rolling onto it?

We also recently started you on solid foods.  By solid foods, I mostly mean super smooth purees that are essentially thick liquids.  You’ve had oatmeal, brown rice cereal, avocado, green beans and most recently butternut squash. You seem to tolerate food… that’s about all I can say about that.  It isn’t met with big smiles and open mouth.  But, your brother’s signature shudders, grimaces and firmly pursed lips are also not part of the picture.  I imagine we will start you on fruits sometime this month and I’m hopeful we will get a little more enthusiasm then.  Until then, I’ll be content with your huge smiles as I wipe the mush off your face and your love of nomming down on the soft spoons.

I spent the past weekend switching your drawers over to 6-9 month clothes.  If you could talk, you’d probably profusely thank me for the clothes after ranting and raving about being forced to wear capri pants for the past few weeks.  Sleeves and pant legs were getting short.  We had four tupperware bins of 6-9 month clothing. FOUR.  Do you know how many onesies can fit in a giant tupperware bin?  Approximately eleventy billion, that’s how many.  You could wear a different outfit each day of your 6-9 month life and still have things leftover.  We are still cramming your little tuckus into size 2 diapers, but the size 3s are on the horizon.  Mommy is insistent upon using up every last size 2 in the closet, despite the near guaranteed blow outs they cause these days.

Benjamin, you are like a slice of cake at the end of an otherwise standard meal — so sweet, something to anticipate eagerly and a tiny boost of energy and happiness at the end of every day.  We adore you, little man, here’s to another amazing six months.

I love you every day.
Your Mama

6 months - details

Weight: 16 pounds 11 ounces, 35th percentile
Height: 27 inches, 65th percentile


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