Soccer Star

20 Jan

Oh the long cold winters… it’s so, so difficult to keep our active boy cooped up inside during these cold, dark winter days.  He desperately misses the summer sunshine and afternoons/evenings spent riding tricycles around the neighborhood.  As part of our “combat the winter blues” program and the continual “tire him out enough to nap” strategy, we signed Lucas up for Saturday morning indoors soccer.

Honestly, I mostly did it because he gets to wear a uniform.  And, I nearly died at the cuteness of it all.

photo[1]His passion for the whole thing is evident.  He quakes with excitement over going each Saturday, and loves listening to Coach Charlie and Coach Nick.  His overall eagerness for the whole thing has led to a bit of difficulty in following directions while there.  Last Saturday, I observed the coaches line the kids up for a goal kicking drill.  There were about six kids in the line.  It seemed that Lucas had a turn in between every other child.  It would go Luke, child A, Luke, child B, Luke, child C and so on….

World Cup, here he comes.



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